A relatively mild southern winter has a lot of anglers thinking about those magical moments when you find a hot prespawn area full of hungry female bass. Several presentations will earn you the big bites, but one of the most exciting is the topwater frog.

The Booyah Pad Crasher delivers enticing displays with the walking or popping styles and when warming trends pull those prespawners closer to their nesting areas, a frog represents a protein-packed meal that goes a long way toward their goal of bulking up for the spawn. The bait works great right out of the package, but when the bite is tough, anglers have a handful of options at their disposal for tweaking this proven fish-getter.

Sound: Slipping extra rattle chambers or loose rattle beads through the leg cavities gives the bass more audio to target.

Weight: Inserting lead BBs make the bait heavier — a plus for longer casts to skittish fish. (This also makes a better impression into grass mats latter in the year so bass can better track the bait.)

Action: Trimming the skirted legs reduces water drag and making one shorter than the other creates a more erratic walking style.

Remember, little changes can yield big results.