The fall bass feed up is one of the best times of the year to throw a Pad Crasher. When the bite is on, there’s nothing more exciting; but a few points of insight can help you dial in your frog’s appeal and strategic use.

First, target the areas where bass are likely to round up shad. Main creek arms, coves and bays are likely choices and the docks, laydowns and overhung shorelines offer lots of opportunity.

Also check those main lake grass mats. Fall winds will start pushing the mats around and seasonal grass die off will tatter the edges. But wherever you find substantial grass accumulation, you’ll likely find bass opting to gather shad here, as opposed to making the creek runs.

A few things you can do to enhance your frog’s appearance and performance:

Add Weight: Bass often have trouble detecting a frog through dense grass mats, but adding steel BB’s or other weights to a hollow body frog makes it sit lower in the mat. That deeper impression gives bass a better target to follow.

Add Rattles: In addition to visual tracking, bass – in mats or open water – often locate prey by sound/vibration. Add more rattles to your frog and the fish can’t miss it.

Bind the Hook Shanks: For rigidity and durability for those big fall bites, cinch the twin shanks of your frog hook together with braid.