Call them the Three Amigos - a trio of jigs you should keep handy for winter bass fishing. As we enter the colder months, bass will tend to group up more than they were during the fall scattering. This means you may have the opportunity to dial in concentrated areas of opportunity.

Pick your way to winter bass with these three jigs.

  • Booyah Pigskin Jig - Expect a lot of lethargy this time of year, so snappy bites on fast-falling baits is not the norm. You’ll often find your concentrations by rumbling along the bottom with this football style jig with a craw trailer. Working the deep edges of creek drains and ditches close to the main lake depths can prove highly productive.
  • YUM Pumpkin Head - Designed to stand on the top of its head and hold a light worm in vertical posture, this shaky style head is a good bet for probing deep docks, main lake standing timber or those bluff edges where bass rise and descend to moderate their temperature. Pair this with a YUM Dinger.
  • Booyah Finance Jig - With a small profile, bristly collar and stout hook; this finesse jig will tempt the tougher winter bites, but stand up to the big fish you’ll often encounter. Rig this with YUM Craw Papi.