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Great frog : Dalton
This is by far my favorite frog it gets all bass to strike the only problem is the legs are too long I cut mine about an inch. (Posted on 6/18/2018)
Best Frog on the Market : Ciko Shad
I've tried other frogs but this frog just flat out gets more bites than any other. Shove a couple worn rattles in the belly and hold on! (Posted on 11/15/2016)
Lots of fun : Andrew
I have not used a frog for well over 20 years, and at the time I was young and just thought it looked cool, but never used it the way it was meant to be used. Last year I decided to get back into fishing after having been away from it for a while. Bought a Booyah Pond Magic (which I also highly recommend) at my local Walmart, and immediately was catching bass. I was so impressed that I decided to take a look at the Booyah website to see the full range of what they offered. While I was placing an order, I decided to try this frog out. I have a lake I visit that is very weedy and though this frog would be perfect. Am I ever glad I bought it. Very easy hookups. Had 8 hits in a span of 45 minutes and landed 7 of them. Not too bad if you ask me. Drug over and through all sorts of muck, and never once got caught up or had to pull weeds off the hooks. Casts good on a spinning combo, have not tried on my baitcasters. Bottom line, if you you're looking for a frog that not only looks good but works too, this is it. Highly recommend any Booyah product. (Posted on 6/28/2016)
Best Frog Out There! : Greg Matakaetis
Love these frogs! favorite is the black and yellow Dart Frog. Please make the Jr. In Night Train color! (Posted on 8/3/2015)
Don't underestimate the little guy ! : Steve
So Booyah advertises that this frog is still heavy enough to cast with bait casting gear. I assure you, they're correct and that any average bait casting gear can absolutely cast this frog ! And with the right set up, you can cast it a country mile !!! This product is equally built when compared to it's big brother "Pad Crasher" and both are top quality hollow body frogs for a more than reasonable price. These baits get noticed when they are in the water and catch fish ! Don't underestimate the "Jr" it's smaller profile will absolutely still catch "the big fish"! The full size Pad Crasher is great when hunting that lunker or looking for the kicker fish to take to the scales, but the Jr. is the one in your arsenal that you'll want to focus on first to fill the live-well or for a fun day of fishing. It's compact size and profile are equally as temping as the Pad Crasher, but to a greater audience of the little swimmers below it. If you don't have a smaller profile frog, get one. If you haven't tried a smaller frog, try it ! Or if your just starting to use frogs, start with this one !
Thank you Booyah Baits ! (Posted on 1/26/2015)

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Pad Crasher Jr.

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The BOOYAH Pad Crasher Jr. is a topwater hollow-body frog that sports a bass-boat-style belly that catches water for the easiest "frog-walking" action in open water and a nice finesse scooting action over the slop. The BOOYAH Pad Crasher Jr.'s flow-thru design drains the lure with every twitch, keeping it working flawlessly without sinking or catching weeds. A rugged double hook and interior weighting system ensure positive hookups. This bait works effectively in the slop and walks back and forth like a Spook in open water.

  • Super-soft collapseable body increases hook-up percentage
  • Premium Hooks & Components
  • Weedless design provides snag free fishing
Weight   Size Count
 Cranking Depth  Hooks
1/4 oz 2 in 1 Topwater  2/0 Double


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