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More Than A Bait, An Attitude

BOOYAH means more than just the top baits in bass fishing. BOOYAH is an attitude that says you’re an angler to be reckoned with -- someone who knows how to catch ‘em and uses the best-of-the-best to do it. BOOYAH is carrying the heaviest sack across the weigh-in stage, and pretending you don’t hear the whispers at the ramp. It’s the go-longer, hit-harder, live-bigger bait company with a name you hear echoing across the water everywhere mighty anglers pursue the king of fish. BOOYAH. It’s more than a bait. It’s an attitude.

Recommended by Pros

When you see the trophy icon next to a product, you know you’re buying a proven lure endorsed by the best bass anglers in the world. It means that lure proved itself in a tournament at the highest level.